At our core we believe in quality and delivering sustainable buildings, but we ensure that these are delivered and designed in a commercially responsible way ensuring that our clients are getting the best possible value for money. When using AvonView Services you’re getting far more than just a design company or contractor you’re getting a partner who believes above all else in quality, honesty and integrity.


AvonView Services offer a full Building Services Design package. We are able to work with our clients from the initial conceptual stages to devise simple, sustainable solutions. With a deep understanding of the constraints that developers and contractors  are under we are able to offer a streamlined solution to deliver a cost effective outcome.
We are also able to work with clients who have taken a project on from the developed design stage and work with them to move to full technical design and taking it through to construction and commissioning and beyond into maintenance.
At AvonView we understand both the clients need for sustainability and whole life costing.   We take our commercial responsibility seriously from cradle to grave and each stage of the process along the way.

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Design and Build

At AvonView Services we are able to offer a complete Design and Build solution for our clients this can really streamline the project for the developer and  Main Contractor. 

The lines of communication between the  our design and install team are minimised and the points of contact for the client are reduced. It also allows greater controls and safeguarding ensuring that the specified products are used and the project is installed in the spirit which it has been designed.

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Project Management

We are able to offer various  project management packages for both developers and for specialist installers. This can include overseeing tendering and contractor selections to looking after the management and administration for specialist installers.

Project Optimisation

If you are looking for potential capital cost savings or are interested in reducing the future life cycle costs of your building we are able to work with you to check your designs and product technical specifications to look for areas which can be optimised.